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Discover Calabria - breathtaking beaches and scenery, there is much to explore in beautiful Bella Calabria

You may be among the lucky few who have experienced the region of Calabria. For most though it is an unknown area. An unspoilt vision waiting to be discovered, in the southern region of Italy.

Calabria scenery

This area of Italy will take your breath away with its miles of sandy beaches stretching into the distance, and beautiful mountainous ranges that make for incredible scenery and exciting exploration. The climate is welcoming with year-round sunshine offering ample chances to take life at a luxurious pace, combined with snow-capped mountain ranges that demand to be both admired and made the most of.

And when it comes to enjoying your surroundings, Calabria boasts some of the best. The beaches are gloriously sun-drenched and inviting – and don’t just take our word for it, as the region is widely celebrated for its sandy beaches, for example the Tropea beach in Calabria was voted number one in The Sunday Times Top 20 Beach Holidays, in 2007.

The coastline of Calabria is hugged by sheer cliff tops and stunning mountains, and the towns and villages are alive with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Every street seems to buzz with excellent eateries serving Italian dishes and locally produced wines; and everywhere you look you can enjoy a glimpse into the country’s rich past. Ancient architecture that includes picturesque villas and Renaissance churches enrich the towns and villages, and there are surrounding archaeological sites with unearthed treasures on display in local museums.

Calabria truly has something for everyone – you can relax on the beach and watch the waves lap at the shore or enjoy a long walk or skiing session, in a region steeped in history and natural beauty. Water sports and fishing are just two of the seaside pastimes on offer; and if you enjoy the city lifestyle you can make the most of the cosmopolitan vibe that beats through the heart of the Calabria region. There are boutiques and contemporary fashion shops available – after all, the internationally acclaimed designer Versace is originally from Calabria. All the style, elegance and glamour synonymous with Italian culture can be enjoyed together with the rustic, unspoilt natural charm of the area.

All of this is complemented by a modern health service, a low cost of living, and property with a high appreciation rate. Calabria is still being discovered and benefits from being an emerging market within an established country, offering affordable property that costs up to 4 times less than in northern Italy – and with money being poured into the region by the Italian government and the EU, this part of southern Italy is set to thrive in the next few years along with property prices.

Calabria has to be seen to be believed, which is why we offer viewing trips (read more about our exclusive Calabria Discovery Tours) for our clients so you can experience the place, taste the local foods and wines, explore the historic towns and Roman ruins and art, and find the ideal location for your Calabria property.

Truly magical, Calabria provides sunshine, culture, history, breathtaking scenery, unspoilt charm and so much more – together with incredible property investment potential.

To discover more and find your ideal property to live in, holiday in or rent out – or a combination of those - contact us today on 0800 233 5012 or to email us click here.

Calabria is situated at the Ionian Sea coast in Italy
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