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Calabria for Property Investment - emerging market dynamics in a safe western European country - a great investment beckons.

Whether you fall head-over-heels in love with the region or have your business head firmly in place as you select your Calabria property, there is one certainty – Calabria property investment is a safe and exciting choice.
  • From an investment point of view Calabria benefits hugely from having the fast growth dynamics of an emerging market but being in a well established, stable and well loved country. Italy has long been popular with tourists and property investors alike due to its charm and investment potential. Now beautiful Calabria, undiscovered and unspoilt, is an exciting new travel and investment destination.  For those looking to buy it is Italy without the high price tag.   Today in 2011 and midway through a massive investment program the area is starting to draw attention.  Canny investors from are now waking up to value on offer in Calabria and this situation will not last for long.
  • Currently Calabria property prices are significantly lower than elsewhere in country. They can be  as little as a third the cost for prime beachfront locations.  The cohesion plan ratified in December 2007 detailed the investment of 3 billion euros into Southern Italy with Calabria being a major beneficiary.  This investment takes place through to 2013 and has already seen the upgrading of roads and airports. Calabria once difficult to reach is now very well connected.  Now is the perfect time to invest in Calabria property.
  • Calabria is stunningly beautiful and has its own many charms.  It is referred to in Italy as ''the real Italy’.  From now it is expected that property prices will catch with more northern areas of the country and it is not at all inconceivable that in some areas that it will pass them by.  2011 with a poor economic back drop still saw Calabria announced as the only area in Italy not to see price drops - and with airports announcing further planned expansions.


Live the dream
You may want to “live the dream” and find property for sale in Calabria, Italy that offers you easy access to the beach with views of the sea and your own cliff-top swimming pool, that you can enjoy every day. Perhaps you are moving to Italy to soak up the scenery, warm climate, friendly atmosphere, ample activities and culture. For you, All Calabria Property will work hard to find you your perfect house or apartment in your perfect location, so you can live where you want while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from paying the right price in an area with appreciating property prices.

Generate an income
If you want to buy Calabria property for letting and rental reasons, the market will support this. Although relatively undiscovered, the region still attracts tourists and tourist numbers are increasing steadily thanks to ongoing infrastructure improvements. Flights from the UK to Calabria are now easily available and travellers are beginning to discover the allure of Calabria for skiing, beach, culture-rich, or fine-dining holidays. The diversity of the region means there is so much for everyone, and a wide market for your rental property.

Holiday highlights
Perhaps you want to make a Calabria property investment for personal and financial reasons – you can enjoy the new house to relax, unwind and get away from it all, as you benefit from appreciating property prices.

With Calabria property, you can’t lose because you have the location and you have the investment. Awash with beauty, history and excitement, Calabria is undergoing developments and infrastructure enhancements that will only increase its appeal.

If you want the safety and peace of mind that comes with investing in property in Italy with affordable property prices in an emerging market, then Calabria property investment is for you. We stay updated on all Calabria property news and developments, including the latest plots of land and available housing, so call us today to discuss what you’re looking for – we’re always happy to offer advice and guidance.

To find our more about investing in Calabria property, contact us today on 0800 233 5012 or to email us click here

Calabria is situated at the Ionian Sea coast in Italy
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