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Buying property in Calabria

What’s the safest way to buy property in Calabria?
By carrying out your own due diligence, by having good advice, and by having knowledgable professionals acting for you.  At All Calabria Property we have 20 years
 of property investment experience and are able to advise you every step of the way. 

Can I buy ‘key ready’ completed property?
Many of our property sales are ''key ready'', houses or apartments that are ready to move into. In today’s climate many clients prefer this situation, when as payment is made full title deeds are also transferred.

Can I buy off-plan?
Yes we offer a range of Calabria property for you to choose from, either key-ready or off-plan.  Occasionally we are able to offer resale property on behalf of clients. Whatever the purchase situation you can rely on All Calabria Property to make it a safe and pain-free experience.

Is it safe to buy off-plan - will any deposit money be protected?
This is a topic of very keen interest to us. A number of acts, some quite recent, are in force in Italy to safeguard the interests of off-plan purchasers. It IS safe to buy off-plan but a number of safeguards need to be put in place and simple checks need to be made. It is also important that key elements are reflected in  the purchase contract. We recommend that you use your own lawyers but we will highlight to you what you should ensure that they include in any contract. Contact us to discuss any questions further on this matter.

Can I invest with others, in a group?
You can invest in Calabria property in a way that suits your needs – simply contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements and help you make the investment your way.

How can I reserve a property?
Once you’ve experienced Calabria and have decided to make a property investment, we make all the arrangements with the developer. With extensive professional contacts, we can also help you with financial and legal implications of buying Calabria property. To reserve a property, a fee of €3000 is required while the contract is prepared, and then half the purchase price is due when the contract is signed. Once you’ve completed the purchase, the remaining amount is payable. Should you be purchasing a completed key-ready property then the full amount is simply payable upon exchange and completion which would happen simultaneously.

I don’t speak Italian, is this an issue?
Not at all, as we can help you with negotiations and legal/financial considerations during the purchase process. Depending on your reason for buying Calabria property – holiday home, rental property or relocating to Italy – we can also help you find ways of learning the language to make your stay that bit easier and more enjoyable.

About Calabria

Is Calabria a good place to buy?
Yes Calabria is an excellent place to buy. Until 2009 and the upgrading of airports and roads as part of an EU initiative, Calabria was a very difficult place to visit or even access. Now Calabria offers you the best of both worlds – it is an emerging market in an established country with many more infrastructure and transport improvements scheduled. Italy itself has been popular for a long time as a result of its history, scenery and amazing culture. Calabria is a hidden gem of Italy and still far cheaper than many other regions in the country - and with the Italian government funding numerous development projects to enhance the infrastructure and amenities of Calabria, this location provides an even more tempting investment opportunity.

I’ve never been to Calabria, how easy is it to get to?
Calabria is an up and coming area and is already very easy to get to - Monarch are also launching direct flights from 2011 and its a route for anticipated expansion by low cost carriers such as easyJet and Ryanair. All Calabria Property also arranges exclusive Calabria Discovery Trips for our clients. This way, you can experience Calabria for yourself. Our service includes arranging flights and accommodation, meet and greet on arrival, showing you around selected developments and properties, and organising activities and exploratory trips especially for you.

How easy is it to move to Calabria?
If you are looking to buy Calabria property as you want to move to the region, we can help you. As an EU citizen you can stay in Italy, provided you complete all the necessary documentation – and we can help you with this also.

What is the healthcare like in Calabria?
Italy is of course part of Western Europe.  It has a first rate health care system. This is a primary reason many clients, particualrly those looking to retire or to live there full time are looking to Calabria rather than places such as Morocco and Egypt. Not only is Calabria near and easily accessible but it also has familiar culture with world leading health care standards.

What’s the weather and climate like in Calabria?
Calabria has enviable weather and the climate is one of the key reasons so many visitors are attracted to this area, all year round. There are three main areas which provide different temperatures and conditions during the seasons. By the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west, the climate is sub-tropical, and by the Ionian Sea hot and dry. The mountainous regions of Calabria are cooler than the coast with snow in the winter. The differing climates ensure there is plenty to do at all times of the year – from sunbathing on the glorious beaches to skiing in the mountains.

The locals, are they friendly?
Calabrese people are warm and friendly, renowned for their welcome. Calabria’s many attractions including festivals draw visitors from far and wide and make up a significant proportion of the area’s income. And it is because of the friendliness of the local people that these events are so much fun and so successful.

What is the lifestyle like in Calabria?
Truly wonderful, Calabria is one of those very special places: outdoor festivals, mountain ranges, trekking, sun, sand, sea, gorgeous weather, low cost of living, relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and fantastic wines. The culture is incredible – you have to see it to truly believe it – and once you’ve discovered the breathtaking scenery, charming villages and pace of life, you won’t want to leave!

Is it expensive in Calabria –what is the cost of living like?
No, Calabria is not expensive. It is not like Venice or Rome and this is one of the reasons that many Italians holiday in Calabria. Not only does it have great variety, excellent beaches and weather but it’s also inexpensive. The cost of living is among the lowest in Europe. It is possible to have a meal out in a very nice restaurant for two with three-courses and wine for about £15. Similarly you will be surprised at how much change you will get when purchasing a shopping trolley-full of local tasty foodstuffs and locally produced wine at a supermarket.

Is it safe in Calabria? What’s the crime rate like?
Calabria is one of those places where people do not feel the need to lock their doors. It’s a very safe area and petty crime is almost non-existent. The area is made up by the large part of many small towns and villages with old-fashioned values which is why there is such a safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Do I need to speak Italian to make myself understood?
It’s always good to learn at least some of the local language – everyone appreciates it and it’s not only good manners but fun as well. But do you need to know Italian – absolutely not, and certainly not in the bigger towns and villages. The more rural your location, however, the less likely you are to find an English speaker although even in small villages you might find someone who has worked or lived abroad previously. But don’t worry, the locals are very friendly and will make every effort to be able to communicate with you.

Benefits of Calabria property

Is buying a property in Calabria a sound investment?
Calabria is very much THE up and coming area in Italy but currently property prices lag far behind the rest of Italy. Often property costs only a third of similar properties in other more developed and accessible areas. Investment money is now flooding in to improve infrastructure and accessibility and Calabria is likely to see the biggest civil engineering project in European history with the construction of the Messina Bridge a likely prospect. Above all, Calabria is coming to the world’s attention for its unique combination of natural attractions, culture and history – and represents a truly excellent investment opportunity.

What are the tax implications of buying Calabria property?
We have a network of experienced advisors upon whom to draw, however you should always seek independent financial advice. We can supply you a list of appropriate financial advisors.

What costs are involved in buying Calabria property?
You will need to pay for legal fees, VAT and taxes, bank charges, trips to Calabria etc. Normally, costs are about 10% - 12% of the property purchase price.

Do I need to be in Calabria to make a property purchase?
No, you can choose to give your lawyer power of attorney. We will advise you of this in greater detail during your free consultation and throughout the purchase process.

Will I be able to inspect the property before I complete the purchase?
When your property is ready for final handover you will be invited to inspect – part of this process is called snagging -  ensuring you are completely happy with the property before the purchase is finalised.  Ideally you will attend for this and it typically consists of noting any aspects that you feel need further attention - another coat of paint to a wall might be a typical item on the snagging list. If you are not able to attend to do this, perhaps due to work commitments, then we can arrange for this to be carried out on your behalf by an independent professional. This is a chargeable service.  We can also provide this useful service for clients even if they are not buying through ourselves. Please ask for details if required.

Is it possible to get a mortgage in Calabria?
Yes, while many purchasers choose to fund their Italian property purchase from money raised in the UK either from savings, a property sale, equity release or a loan perhaps secured in their main residence another popular route is to seek an Italian mortgage. We can help with this. We are not financial advisors or mortgage brokers but we can advise on basic requirements and put you in touch with experts who will look after you. Barclays and Lloyds now both also offer Italian mortgages to UK purchasers but it is sensible to check locally available rates as well for the best deal.

How can I get a mortgage for a Calabria property?
This depends how you intend to finance your Calabria purchase. You can obtain a Euro mortgage of up to 80% of the value from some UK private financial institutions. Alternatively, you may be able to secure a mortgage through a local Italian bank, up to 75% of the value.

Can I still receive a pension or benefits if I move to Calabria?
Yes you can.

How expensive will it be to maintain a property in Calabria?
This depends on the type, size and cost of Calabria property you choose to invest in. We will discuss this with you on an individual basis, but as a guide a 2-bed property would cost in the region of £1000 to £1500 annually for local taxes, insurance, water, maintenance and electricity.

About our services

Do you help after a property has been bought in Calabria?
Absolutely, we provide both before and after sales services covering everything from straightforward advice to letting management. Speak with us today and we’ll assist you in every way possible, as we have multiple professional contacts in Calabria and the resources to help you.

Is All Calabria Property a member of the AIPP?
All Calabria Property is a member of the AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals), and are fully committed to and bound by the industry Code of Conduct so you can be confident we always work with your interests in mind.

Do you work with private sellers or only agents?
We work with a range of private sellers, agents and developers to ensure we are always able to meet your property needs.

I’m unsure of which Calabria property is right for me, can you help?
Definitely, we can help you with every aspect of buying property abroad, including offering advice on making an offer, negotiating the price, getting a mortgage, legal procedures, what you need to know about Italy once you’ve bought – and more. You can contact us at any time with any concern or query you have, and we’ll be happy to help.

What services do you offer?
All Calabria Property provide extensive services to help you both before you buy property and after. You can find out more about our services here

Do you deal with Calabria property developers directly?
Yes we do. Working directly with Calabria property developers ensures we can secure property at market value, so you can maximise your investment. We are also able to bring you the latest news on plots of land and planned developments so you don’t miss out on any opportunities; and can negotiate on your behalf so you achieve the best property deal possible.

How much experience do you have of Calabria property?
All Calabria Property has many years of property investment experience, including the southern Italy region of Calabria. We are a member of the AIPP and use our local Calabria knowledge and contacts to bring you the safest and most sensible property investments.

You can read what our happy clients have to say about us here.

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