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Easy Steps to Select and Buy a Property

If you are searching for a holiday home in Calabria, an investment property or indeed if you wish to move lock stock and barrel then its best to start by asking yourself some fairly basic questions such as:

  • What do we want the property for? For holidays only, investment or as a permanent residence - or perhaps some mixture of all three?
  • How much time do we wish to put into the property?
  • What do we want to happen with the property when we are not there?
  • Do we need to realise a rental income - or would this be desirable if possible?
  • How far is OK from the airport?
Some of the things you might consider with regard to these questions would be perhaps:
  • If you want it purely for your own holidaying or residential purposes then you can go anywhere! If you wish to rent it out however then maybe that remote retreat on the mountain would not be ideal after all  - it would not appeal to everyone.
  • If you are looking for a property for primarily for investment purposes then while Calabria ticks most boxes you still might also want to look at areas that are likely to see higher growth in the future - areas receiving funding to improve infrastructure and desirability.
  • Do you want a holiday home or a project? If you want a project then Calabria has many properties requiring restoration.
  • If you wish your property maintained whilst you are not there or rented out you might look for projects that provide property and rental management and key holding services - or you can discuss with us. Many people come to very equitable and satisfactory arrangements simply with their neighbours who have also purchased.
  • If you wish somewhere very close to the airport then you can look at various towns but Calabria is a relatively small area and most places are within about an hour or less of an airport. 
These are all very basic things, of course, but sometimes with so much to take in people forgot to ask themselves such things.  
We are always here to chat to you about any questions that you have and welcome your call on 0800 233 5012


Calabria is situated at the Ionian Sea coast in Italy
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